Our Range of Dips

Our fresh dips are either mayonnaise or tomato-based and are perfect for parties, buffets or just indulging on your own.

 The following flavours are currently available: -


‘The French One’  – This dip has creamy French flavours with garlic and parsley


‘The Italian One’ – The perfect combination of basil and parmesan cheese gives any crudités a extra edge.

‘The Indian One’ – A combination of asian flavours would compliment cooked chicken as well as vegetables.

‘The Tex Mex One’ – A more American-style dip with barbeque undertones.

‘The Hot Mex One’  – Our own homegrown organic chillies add fire to this creamy mayonnaise-based dip.


‘The Spicy Cajun One’- Another mayonnaise-based dip but with a spicy/sour combination from chillies, mustard and paprika

‘The Mediterranean One’- A tomato-based dip with all the flavours of the beautiful Med with fresh basil and garlic


'The American One' - A mayonnaise-based dip with American flavours - great with burgers and other barbequed meats